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بديل الزيت الفيف مغذي بالزيت الإستثنائي للشعر الجاف - 125 مل

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Breakthrough light weight formula with Argan oil and Oleo-Keratin blended in cream to nourish hair from inside. 
Directions of use: 
Before Bath: Apply a generous amount on dry hair, and leave on as long as you wish then shampoo. 
During the Bath: Apply on shampooed hair then rinse. 
After the Bath: Apply starting from the tips and continuing along the lengths. On wet hair apply a small amount before blow drying. 
On dry hair reapply every day as a finishing touch for even more smoothness.
Enriched with 6 oily flower extracts nourishes dry hair
Touch the sumptuous softness.
See the lustrous shine.
Feel weightlessly free-flowing lengths.
Smell luxurious flower oils.

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