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غارنيه | غسول وجه منظف للبشرة بخلاصة النيم الطبيعي | 150 مل

60 جنيه
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Neem extracts ensure that your skin will always enjoy thorough cleansing without affecting the natural makeup of your skin. Cleaner skin will mean that you always flaunt the most radiant skin with a smooth top finish for everyone to envy.
Effective In Removing Acne And Blemishes And Dark Spots
The face wash effectively works to help in removing acne by reducing the amount of impurities building up in your skin and pores. When your skin is free from dirt and impurities, the appearance of blemishes and dark spots also reduce for further increase in the beauty of your skin.
Clears away dirt, grime And Pollutants
Dirt, grime and pollutants leave your skin looking dull and lifeless, but this face wash ensures that you always enjoy skin that is more radiant and flawless.
Suitable for all skin types
The face wash is perfectly formulated to suit all skin types, thus avoiding any chance of allergies and other ill effects.
Powerful and natural anti bacterial ingredients
A rich supply of anti-bacterial base is spread to your skin so there is a strong fight against germs and infectants to ensure that there is no added damage due to environmental causes.
Clears away Dirt, Grime and Pollutants
Helps Deep Cleansing
Effective in Removing Acne, Blemishes and Dark Spots
Suitable for All Skin Types
Powerful and Natural Anti Bacterial Ingredients

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