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L’Oreal Paris | Excellence Crème Hair Color | 2.0 Natural Black

130 EGP

About this product

Product Benefits:
Our first hair colour enriched with PRO-KERATIN that protects and strengthens the hair while you colour! Worlds No.1 Hair color with T CARE PROTECTION
 The 3 powerful ingredients used help:
Ceramides PROTECT
1 - Before Protect Your Hair:
1. Use the protective serum 1 on dry and unwashed hair
2. Apply to the most fragile parts of the hair( Length and ends)
Mix Your Color:
1. Pour 2B into developer bottle 2A
2. Replace the applicator tip and shake vigorously until mixture is totally blended
3. Twist off the applicator tip after mixing
4. You can choose to use the comb applicator on length
2. During:
1. Start applying at the root- let it develop for 20 minutes
2. Apply remaining through hair length and ends- let it develop for 10 minutes Total develop time – 30 minutes
3. After:
1. Pour little warm water on the hair and massage it gently
2. Then rinse thoroughly until water runs clear
3. Spread the conditioner through hair and leave it for 2 minutes
4. Keep the conditioner for another application between coloring
Skin Allergy Test:
The product can lead to allergic reactions which in certain rare cases may be severe
Allergy test must be done before 48hr
For Extra Care:
To enhance the look of your color after application rinse your hair without shampoo:
Use color protective conditioner
Rinse out with cold water for extra shine
Now, the world’s no1 hair color goes even further with triple-care color: an advanced technology with 3 powerful care ingredient:
Ceramide: Enriched with ceramide, a replica of hair’s natural cement, Excellence Crème Hair Color smoothens and protects the hair
Pro-Keratin: Excellence Crème Hair Color revitalizes and strengthens the hair
Collagen: Known for its densifying power
Excellence Crème Hair Color Replenishes and Softens the hair
100% Grey coverage from root to tip
Rich, even, long-lasting color
Soft and silky touch
85% more resistant to brushing
Special comb applicator for ease in application

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