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Omega | Ice Warm Bag for Pain Relieve | Pink


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About this product

Hot/cold water bottle:

  • To get rid of pain
  • From Omega Specifications:
  • Court does not cause leakage.
  • Soft touch.
  • Made of latex-free material.

the use:

  • Reduce swelling, bruises and scrapes
  • Relieves headache and pain.
  •  Relieve muscle pain and sprains.

how to use:

  • Turn the cap counterclockwise.
  • Break the ice to the appropriate size, and you can put the ice in the bag after removing the sharp parts of the ice so as not to cause wounds.
  • Turn the cap clockwise and tighten tightly so as not to cause leakage.
  • Place the bag over the part you want to cool.


  • Seal the village tightly with the rubber lid to prevent leakage.
  •  Take care to remove sharp parts of the ice to avoid causing cuts.
  • Top half a bottle with ice cubes and some water for convenient use.


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