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بامبرز | للعناية المتميزة لحديثي الولادة مقاس 1 | 2كجم - 5كجم | 22 حفاضة

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Pampers | Premium Care Diapers New Born Size 1 | 2-5kg | 22 Pcs

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About this product

  • SOFT AS SILK: Diapers are made of soft materials that gently wrap around your baby's skin to give him a soft feel.
  • Extra absorbent channels: distribute wetness evenly to keep your baby's skin dry for up to 13 hours.
  • Wetness Indicator: Helps you know the appropriate time to change the nappy, as this indicator turns blue to know when your child is urinating in the nappy.
  • Cord-friendly diapers: Ensure comfortable wear and protect the umbilical area.
  • Air Channels: Allows air to flow into the baby's skin to ensure it stays dry.
  • A layer of moisturizing lotion: keeps your baby's skin dry and prevents any infections.

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