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L'Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Long Conditioner For Weakened Long Hair - 400ml

62 EGP

Order Description

                  • Discover our secret to the long hair of your dreams.
                  • Dream Length Conditioner: Unique, combines your hair instantly. You can release your hair, tie or style while protecting it from split ends.
                  • The wholesale, restorative, and creamy texture is the perfect solution to bid farewell to long, weak, damaged hair with split ends.
                  • Dream Long Conditioner by Elvive strengthens your hair so that it grows thicker and healthier.
                  • Say goodbye to fine, damaged hair with split ends, and say hello to bouncy, bouncy hair with healthy ends!
                  • Our fortified formula is a blend of Concentrated Protein, Concentrated Vegetable Castor Oil, and Concentrated.
                  • Stop your shortening and keep the last 3 cm!
                  • Castor Oil Concentrate: For healthy looking, longer and thicker hair.
                  • Plant proteins (wheat, soy, and corn): to strengthen hair and repair ends.
                  • It is recommended for owners of long hair.
                  • The conditioner should only be applied along the hair, to avoid oiling the scalp, then wash it off.
                  • Complete your hair care routine, using a tip-saving cream.

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