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دواعي استعمال كريم نولافير للجروح والحروق وتجديد خلايا البشرة

Nolaver 50 gm

45 EGP

Order Description

 Through its highly natural composition: Nolaver Cream is used for Treatment of Wounds & Burns
 Nolaver Cream promotes epithelialization and accelerates the wound healing process
 Nolaver Cream offers antibacterial and antioxidant properties, all while maintaining a moist wound environment and protective barrier, which prevents microbial infections in the wound.
 Quick relief from pain and burning sensations, Helps Soothe Sunburn
 Emollient, Soothes itchiness and irritation
 Recommended For Skin That Is:
 Dry & Damaged
 Chaffed & Rough
 Red & Irritated
 Sensitive & Troubled
 Chapped & Weathered

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