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نوفالجين حقن صداع

Novalgin, Analgesic and Pain Killer, Analgesic Ampoules, 3 ampoules each of 2ml ,acute severe or chronic severe pain and High fever.

20.25 EGP

Order Description

  • Novalgin Severe or resistant pain & fever. 
  • Novalgin each vial 2ml contains 1g metamizole sodium for injection.
  • Store at temperature not exceeding 30c.
  • Dosage Age 3-11 Months (5-8kg) 0.1-0.2 ml Novalgin (equivalent to 50-100mg metamizole sodium) IM only.
  • Dosage Age 1-3 Years(9-15kg) 0.2-0.5 ml Novalgin (equivalent to 100-250mg metamizole sodium).
  • Dosage Age 4-6 Years (16-23kg) 0.3-0.8 ml Novalgin (equivalent to 150-400mg metamizole sodium).
  • Dosage Age 7-9 Years (24-30kg) 0.4-1ml Novalgin (equivalent to 200-500mg metamizole sodium).
  • Dosage Age 10-12Years (31-45kg) 0.5-1 ml Novalgin (equivalent to 250-500mg metamizole sodium).
  • Dosage Age 13-14 Years (46-53kg) 0.8-1.8 ml (46-53kg) Novalgin (equivalent to 400-900mg metamizole sodium).
  • Dosage Adults and young 15 Years of age< 53kg 1-2ml Novalgin (equivalent to 500-1,000mg metamizole sodium).
  • If necessary the single dose may be increased to 5ml (equivalent to 2500mg metamizole sodium) and daily dose is 10 ml(equivalent to 5000mg metamizole sodium)
  • Novalgin Packs of 3 vials *2ml.
  • Novalgin 1g solution for injection.

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