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Oil House - Black Seed Oil 30 Ml

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Hair straightening,Moisturizing hair,Moisturizing the skin

"The benefits of Nigella sativa oil: -

 Strengthening the immune system and limiting its exposure to diseases, including chronic diseases.

 Improve kidney, liver and heart health.

 Treating infertility by improving male fertility.

 Moisturizing dry hair.

 Treatment of baldness and hair regrowth.

 Heal wounds and speed up their healing.

 Relieving rheumatoid arthritis.

 Improve memory and increase concentration.

 Control the percentage of sugar levels in the blood.

 Relieving asthma symptoms.

 Reducing weight in waist circumference and lowering cholesterol levels.

 Improve eye health and vision.

 Activate blood circulation and control blood pressure level.

 Treatment of itchy eyes and allergic nasal obstruction.

 Treating rashes, psoriasis, inflammations, and acne.

 Resisting many types of cancer and protecting tissues from radiation damage."

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