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Oil House - Indian Costus Oil 30 Ml

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Hair straightening,Moisturizing hair,Moisturizing the skin

"The benefits of Indian Costus oil: -

 Control thyroid hormones, and control gland secretions.

  Reducing fat and maintaining an ideal body weight.

 Increase fertility and treat infertility in women.

 Eliminates and treats ovarian cysts.

 Reducing blood sugar level.

 Maintaining the health of the immune system and preventing viruses.

 Stimulating the pancreas and controlling blood sugar.

  Treatment of sexual diseases in men.

 Preventing gout.

 Reducing inflammation of the respiratory system, especially the throat and chest.

 Treating intestinal disorders such as diarrhea and stomach worms.

  Diuresis and elimination of excess waste and toxins.

 Oily hair treatment and hair smoothing.

 Treatment of skin problems, acne and melasma.

 Getting rid of skin aging.

 Get rid of acne on the skin.

 Treating cracked feet and masking the scars of wounds."

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