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Oil House - Jojoba Oil 50 Ml

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Hair straightening,Moisturizing hair,Moisturizing the skin

"The benefits of jojoba oil: -

 An excellent scalp cleanser

 Maintain hair health and shine.

 Hair thickening and hair loss prevention.

 A natural conditioner that prevents hair damage.

 Treating greasy hair problems.

 Strengthen the man’s chin and soften it.

 Reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

 Treatment for pregnancy stretch marks.

 Remove dark circles around the eyes.

 Moisturizing the skin with ceramides.

 Good makeup remover and pore cleanser.

 Relieve and prevent sunburn.

 Remove acne and blackheads.

 Cleansing is used after bathing for smooth skin.

 Helping to heal wounds and scars.

 Take care of the feet and prevent cracked heels.

 Treatment of skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

 Strengthen nails and moisturize them.

 Moisturizing the lips."

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