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Oil House - Orange oil 10 Ml

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Orange oil is a fragrant oil with a refreshing and pleasant smell that is extracted from oranges, and it is used for many purposes, the most important of which are cosmetic purposes for the skin and hair, and it has numerical benefits such as: -

1- Orange oil reduces inflammation.

2- Helps relax the body.

3- It is used to perfume the body.

3- The face is relieved of acne and pimples.

4- Fights aging.

5- Helps moisturize dry hair and give it smoothness and shine.

6- It nourishes the pores and cells that help the growth of hair, and it also stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, and this is done by massaging the scalp with drops of oil.

  : - Essential oils are not used directly on the body, hair or skin except after adding them to the loaded oils such as coconut oil - jojoba - olive oil and some other oils.

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