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Pridocaine 15mg

13.5 EGP

Order Description

 Local anaesthetic for topical use to produce surface anaesthesia of the skin for:
  – Minor dermatological procedures under occlusive dressing, e.g. needle insertion &
  surgical treatment of localised lesions.
  – Venepuncture for blood sampling, intravenous or arterial cannulation.
  – Dermal procedures on larger areas under occlusive dressing, e.g. split skin grafting.
  2- For topical use on the genital mucosa to facilitate the removal of warts in adults.
* Contraindications:
  Known hypersensitivity to anaesthetics of the amide type.
* Precautions:
  – Should not be applied to wounds, mucous membranes or in areas of atopic dermatitis.
  – Should not be applied to genital mucosa in children.
  – Should not be applied to or near the eyes or middle ear.
  – Although the systemic availability of prilocaine by percutaneous absorption is low, caution
  should be exercised in patients with anaemia, congenital or acquired methaemoglobinaemia
  or patients on concomitant therapy known to produce such conditions.
  – Avoid in pregnancy & lactation.
* Dosage & administration:
  Anaesthesia before minor skin procedures including venepuncture:
  Apply thick layer under occlusive dressing 1-5 hours before procedure (2-5 hours before procedures
  on large areas e.g. split skin grafting).
  Removal of warts from genital mucosa in adults,
  apply up to 10 g 5-10 minutes before removal.
* For external use only.

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