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Sasmar Conceive Plus 8 X 4 Gm Pre-filled Applicators Lubricant

400 EGP

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Conceive Plus is a Fertility-friendly personal lubricant that is FDA cleared safe for use when you are trying to conceive! Use Conceive Plus like you would a regular lubricant.
The product is formulated to help the natural functions of the body on its path to getting pregnant naturally.
Conceive Plus applicator, 8 pre-filled applicators 4 gm each for single use.
The unique formula helps to increase pleasure and relieve the negative effects of vaginal dryness. Making the trying to conceive process even more enjoyable and exciting for you and your partner.
Calcium & Magnesium Ions help maintain sperm motility and sperm viability – so the sperm has a better chance of reaching and fertilizing the egg.
Conceive Plus fertility-friendly lubricant that is formulated to be isotonic and meet a pH range compatible with human sperm survival and migration.
Recommended by doctors, pharmacists and fertility clinics in more than 70 countries.

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