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Sweetal 100 Sachets 1gm

55 EGP

Order Description

* Sweetal (The sensible taste) Zero calorie sweetener 100 Sticks.
– For coffee, tea and beverages.
– Suitable for cooking and baking. No unpleasant after taste.
– New Great Tasting.
– Sugar Free.
– Aspartame Free – Saccharin Free – Cyclamate Free – Preservatives Free.
– Slim Formula – Quality Guaranteed.
– Net Wt.: 100 g (100 sticks x 1 g).

* Sweetal dissolves rapidly, free from sugar, Aspartame, Saccharin, Cyclamate and preservatives.

* Special packaging for protection from moisture.

* Usage:
One stick of Sweetal (1 g) is equivalent in sweetness to one spoon (5 g) of sugar.

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