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Tamsulin 28 cap.

70 EGP

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prostatic problems

* Indications:

  Treatment of functional symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

  Enhances lower ureteral stone clearance with or without Shock Wave Lithotripsy in males and females.

* Dosage and administration:

  The normal dose is one capsule daily. This should be taken after breakfast.

  The capsule swallowed whole with a drink of water in the standing or sitting position.

  Do not chew the capsule.

* Contra-indication:

  – Hypersensitivity to Tamsolusin Hydrochloride.

  – A history of orthostatic hypotension.

  – Severe hepatic insufficiency.

* Pregnancy and lactation:

  Not applicable.

* Warnings and precautions:

  Digital rectal examination and, when necessary, determination of prostate specific antigen (PSA)

  should be performed before treatment and at regular intervals.

  Patients should be caution about driving, operating machine or performing hazardous tasks.

* Store at temperature below 30 degrees C and protect from light.

* Manufactured by: Marcyrl Pharmaceutical Industries – A.R.E.

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