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Thrombexx1120 i.U Gel 40 Gm

40 EGP

Order Description

* Thrombexx® DNA 40 g Gel. Anti-traumatic & Anti-inflammatory.

* Thrombexx® Cream/Gel is produced via the innovative biotechnology Hansenula Polymorpha expression system.

* Thrombexx® Cream/Gel acts as a direct thrombin inhibitor with a unique dual anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombotic action.

* Thrombexx® Cream/Gel is indicated for the treatment of hematoma, thrombophlebitis and prophylaxis against shunt thrombosis.

* Composition: Each 100 g contains:

Recombinant Hirudin 1120 I.U.

* For external use.

* To be used only on medical advice.

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