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Vitabella’s Active Ingredients

- 3 Micro-Dispersed Minerals “Iron, Zinc & Calcium

- 13 Vitamins” Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E & Vitamin B Complex”

- 2 Natural Appetizer “Citrus Sinesis & L.Lysine” 

Vitabella’s Description

-The First Multi-Minerals, Multi-Vitamins & Appetizer

- Is Made by Innovative Micro-Dispersion Technology, 

-in Tasty Fortified Chocolate, Ensures 

- Maximum Bioavailability

- Maximum Efficacy

- a Wonderful Taste to Ensure Regular Intake

- without any Side Effects “Bad Odor, Metallic Taste, GIT Upset” Which Well Known about Other Traditional Multi-Vitamins

- for Increasing Appetite to Healthy Nutrition for Prober Growing Up & for Improving Immunity

Vitabella’s Indication

Child Suffering from Malnutrition Signs:

-  loos of Appetite 

- Retarding Growth Rate

- Low Immunity & Repeated Infection

- Weakness

Vitabella’s Dose 

Vitabella is Recommended after a Year Old

- Teaspoonful Once Daily for Children Less than Four Years 

- Teaspoonful Twice Daily for Children Over Four years.

Side Effects

Vitabella is completely Safe. 

- No Side Effect Was Reported from Vitabella. 

But, when Appearance any Allergy to Any Component of Vitabella Will Be Found, It Should Be Stopped It Immediately and Refer to the Doctor

Precautions for Use

- It is Forbidden to Use Vitabella for G6PD Deficiency Patients.

- and for People with a History of Milk or Chocolate allergy.

- Vitabella for Diabetics Should only Be Used under a Doctor’s Supervision. 

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