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>>Active Ingredient 

MenaQ Contains 45 Micrograms of Vitamin K2 


MenaQ is The First & Only Vitamin k2 in the Egyptian Market – The Only Anti Vascular Calcification Supplement.

Directing Calcium To its Right Place.

1-Preventing Calcium Deposition on Blood Vessels Wall for Healthier Blood vessels and Lower Cardiovascular Events.

2-Enhancing Calcium Deposition in Bones for Stronger Bones & Decreasing The Risk Of Fractures. 


1-For Cardiovascular Patient 

(Atherosclerosis , Aortic Stenosis,Arterial Stiffness & Coronary Heart Disease) 

2-For Osteoporosis and Osteopenia Management

3-For Chronic Kidney Disease Patients 

4 – For Diabetic Patients


One Pill Daily 

>>Side Effects

No Side Effects When used as recommended 

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