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Syrinol Syrup  Sor Dry Cough   60ml

cyrinol Syrup | For Dry Cough | 60ml


Order Description

Product Description :

-Sirinol is used as a cough suppressant and expectorant, effectively treats vasomotor rhinitis, and relieves the symptoms of colds, colds and influenza, as this drug contains in its composition many active fast-acting substances to control the disease and reduce its symptoms in addition to helping in the prevention of injury to him.


Dosage and method of use:

-Dose every eight hours, three times a day, after eating.It is necessary to adhere to the dose prescribed by the doctor for the patient.

- It is not important to rely on the dose mentioned in the internal leaflet that comes with the medicine, because the doctor prescribes the appropriate dose according to the case.

- Do not determine the dose on your own, because Serenol is only taken as prescribed by a doctor.

Indications :

-It is used to treat moderate to severe cough.

-Treating hay fever patients.

- Treatment of vasomotor rhinitis.

-It also helps in treating high blood pressure.

-Basically it helps in expelling phlegm.

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