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Healosol Spray 150ml

36 EGP

Order Description

* Composition: Each 150 ml contains:

 Phenytoin base 2% (40 mg) + Propellant mix to 150 mL.

* Indications:

 Topical Healosol has proven useful for a wide variety of soft tissue wounds. Some of these include

 decubitus ulcer, diabetic foot ulcer, burns, traumatic wounds, war-related missile wounds, venous

 stasis ulcer and abscesses. Topical phenytoin also appears to be potentially useful in epidermolysis

 bullosa simplex, however, the use of topical phenytoin for chronic skin ulcer.

* Contraindications:

Patients who show hypersensitivity to any of the active ingredients.

* Dosage and administration:

 to be applied

 all over the wound area and cover with gauze once or twice daily.

* For external application only.

 Store below 25 oC.

 Container is under pressure contains ozone friendly propellant mix.

 Keep away from direct heat sources and sun.

 Do not perforate or burn even when empty. [Flammable].

 Shake well before use.

After use clean the valve by turning the valve by short pressing.

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